Worth knowing for your trip to Switzerland



Welcome to Switzerland. Anyone who thinks of Switzerland will immediately remember the following things: mountains, clocks, cheese, chocolate, Heidi and banks. But Switzerland still has so much more to offer than that. The inland lies directly in the Alps and is surrounded by Germany, France, Italy, Austria and the Principality of Lichtenstein. A large part of Switzerland is mountainous, but the canton of Ticino is reminiscent of a trip to the south of Italy. Tourists from the Gulf States, China, India, USA and so on visit the beautiful country with around 8.4 million inhabitants every year. City trips, mountain tours, cozy hours and pure action await you in Switzerland. Switzerland will definitely please you with its tradition and modernity.


The biggest part in Switzerland speaks German (with different dialects), but also French and Italian are widespread. In the easternmost canton of Switzerland, Graubünden, they speak Romansh.


The official currency is Swiss francs. There are also widely accepted US dollars and Euros. However, it is recommended to pay in Swiss francs.


Switzerland is considered one of the most expensive countries in the world. But there are also things that do not cost much or are even free. Switzerland is generally wealthy and therefore safe! You do not have to make extra security arrangements - you can wear expensive jewelry and bags without worry.


- Bern (capital): (Bundeshaus, Gurten, BärenPark)

- Thun: (castles of Lake Thun, historic old town)

- Zurich: (Chinese Garden, Old Town, Prime Tower)

- Lucerne: (Kappel bridge, largest shopping center in Switzerland, house of traffic )

- Lausanne: (Old Town, Olympic Museum)

- Geneva: (Jet d`eau, boat trip on Lake Geneva)

- Zermatt: (Matterhorn, Matterhorn Museum, Gornergrat)


In Switzerland, there are many traffic rules, but they are easy to follow. If you are traveling by car, it is advisable to always carry enough small change for the parking.


Despite the general security in the country, it is advisable to take care of his belongings and not to carry important papers, such as passport or credit cards with you, that everybody sees directly.