Meiringen / Hasliberg

Family-friendly and home to Sherlock Holmes

Meiringen / Hasliberg


The Hasli Valley ("Haslital") is nestled between Interlaken and Lucerne right in the heart of Switzerland. It forms the easternmost part of the Bernese Oberland and is situated right at the point where the foothills of the Alps converge with the high Alps, thus combining extraordinarily dramatic scenic contrasts – from the rugged beauty of the ancient Grimsel rock to the gentle rolling hills of the Hasliberg and the wide green valley floor of the Aare River. Enchanting Alps and sunny pastures, high mountains and jagged rock faces, quiet mountain lakes and bubbling streams – the diversity of the region is immense. This diversity translates into endless possibilities for activities and excursions: the destination is a paradise for skiers, snowboarders and hikers in winter. In summer, it attracts visitors with panoramic hiking trails and cycle tours. 

The region also offers a whole host of family-friendly adventures and exciting activities for adults and children alike. Young and old can follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and enjoy culinary specialities such as the meringue, which is said to be invented in the region, or the «Tatzelwurm», a sponge cake filled with an airy cherry butter cream.

The Hasli Valley consists of the upper Aare Valley from the Grimsel Pass to the intersection with Lake Brienz and the side valleys of Gadmen, Engstlen, Urbach and Rosenlaui. Meiringen, the village in the centre of the region, has a range of overnight accommodation and serves as a starting point for outings and culinary experiences.

Population: 8,000

Beds for visitors: 5,200


- Aare Gorge

- Alpen Tower 2,250 m above sea level

- Lake Engstlen

- Rosenlaui Valley

- Ballenberg - Swiss Open-Air Museum


The entire region can be easily accessed with public transportation. In addition, most of the sights can be easily reached by car.