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Lake Brienz’s fairytale Giessbach Falls

Giessbach Falls

Tumbling over 14 steps, the Giessbach Falls thunder from a height of 400 m in mighty white cascades. This imposing mass of water surges past the fairytale Hotel Giessbach to join the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. Well-kept paths meander along the bed of the brook so that you can marvel at this roaring spectacle of nature on foot, from a variety of angles. Wooden bridges give you a chance experience the thundering waters up close. A photo amidst the refreshing spray and fine mist of water is a must. By night, the captivating waterfall is beautifully framed with coloured lights. To enjoy the sight, why not stay a night at the romantic, historic hotel? The Giessbach Falls are a highlight of the Holiday Region Interlaken at any time of year. In autumn, the natural spectacle is bedded in a landscape of rich colours, while in spring, the waterfall swells to epic proportions thanks to meltwater from the snow.

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Travel Information


The Giessbach Falls are located on the south side of Lake Brienz, east of Interlaken, about 30km from Interlaken

Exit on the N8 "Brienz - Giessbach". Then follow the signs for Giessbach / Axalp

Arrival by car


From Interlaken Ost, from there by boat to Giessbach See or from Brienz, from there by boat to Giessbach See

To get to the waterfalls, a one-hour boat trip to Giessbach Station, then with the funicular to the waterfalls

Arrival by ship


The bus from Brienz in the direction of Axalp stops at the "Abzweigung Giessbach". From there a 15 minute walk to the waterfalls

Arrival by bus