Grand Café Restaurant Schuh


This magnificent restaurant's location makes it the perfect place to explore Interlaken as it allows guests to enjoy a scenic walk after breakfast, lunch or dinner and the train station is conveniently close by. Schuh Restaurant offers a big outdoor dining terrace: the perfect spot to enjoy drinks and food with the whole family. They have a wide range of international cuisine including Arabic Mezza, Thai dishes, traditional Swiss food and popular pasta dishes. They also have a chocolate and cake shop offering only the finest hand made sweets and chocolate specialities.
Open 09.00am until 11.00pm, Lunch and dinner including Mezza: (Big Menu) 11:30am until 2pm and 6pm to 10.15pm


The Grand Café Restaurant Schuh can be found in the heart of Interlaken. Situated on the periphery of the Höhematte, both the terrace and restaurant offer stunning views of the world-renowned Jungfrau (Top of Europe) and the fascinating Alpine surroundings. Be it for a drink, a coffee on the spur of the moment, accompanied by the finest pastries, or a relaxed and extended dinner – we are your first choice and look forward to your visit.


Höheweg 56 Postfach 292 CH-3800 Interlaken