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Our young team in Interlaken supports the concerns of our members and partners with a lot of vigor and passion. Together we work tirelessly to further optimize our unique website and app, and to make it accessible to more people and hotels, be it in Switzerland or the Gulf States. We have set ourselves the goal that our Arab guests can spend the night where they dream - and that without hours of bargain hunting on the Internet.

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Families are traveling with multiple generations with different styles of travel. they expect to continue their adventures with their kids. Families often arrive at a destination with a well laid out plan for their activities because organizing a large group can be stressful.

The Luxury Traveller

Luxury Travellers have higher expectations and are willing to spend more money on their experiences. While price may not be of the highest concern, value still is. Luxury travelers have a general plan for what they’d like to do. These travelers are typically older, but not always.


They seek out a popular place for newlyweds celebrating their new life together for having a stress-free trip with memories to last a lifetime & the most memorable experiences. these travelers will expect their excellent service, and they are willing to pay more for memorable experiences.

The Nature Lover

These types of travellers are so fascinated by nature. The Nature Lover travels one or two times per year based on their company’s vacation policy. This type of hotel guest travels with friends, family, or significant others, and rarely travels solo. They also tend to know more about a place before they travel.

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For every supplier is important to make booking easier for travellers with beautiful website design and an intuitive booking process and Paying Less Commission. Increasing arab market is the primary goal of our business. attract more visitors with our strong online presence. Our technical partners Keep your customers safe

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ARAB SERVICE GmbH is financed by its members and mediation commissions. The fixed annual membership fee is usually amortized after 1-2 nights, after which you pay 10% for every overnight stay as with other online booking portals.

Yes, the membership can be cancelled at any time up to 14 days before the end of the subscription, otherwise the membership is automatically renewed at CHF 99 per year. We will remind you by e-mail ahead of time about the upcoming automatic renewal of your subscription.

Immediately after registration you will receive a confirmation email and can enter your accommodation details as well as your rates and availability. Please make sure these are up to date as bookings are confirmed instantly. After the Arabic translation of your texts, we will then post your accommodation live on and

What Our Partners Say About Us

Find out about the experiences of our Partners and how their companies are benefiting from arab Service Interlaken partnership .

Renato Julier

Renato Julier Director Markets, Interlaken Tourismus

Arab Service Interlaken ist der Spezialist für arabische Gäste in Interlaken. Die Internetseite mit der App ist ein massgeschneiderter Informations- und Buchungskanal, auf welchem die Gäste sich informieren, inspirieren und auch direkt Angebote buchen können. Zusätzlich besteht eine kostenlose Hotline, auf welcher arabische Gäste sich in ihrer Landessprache austauschen können. Dieses Angebot ist touristisch gesehen einmalig und unterstützungswürdig.

Tom Wagner

Tom Wagner Management und Pilot, Paragliding Interlaken

Mit der Zusammenarbeit sind wir sehr zufrieden, so haben wir eine Win Win Situation und neue zufriedene Gäste. Dank unserer Zusammenarbeit mit Arab Service Interlaken ( können wir viele Buchungen generieren. Die Unterstützung des Teams ist hervorragend. Wir profitieren von unserer Zusammenarbeit sehr.


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Still not sure? Take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions.

Arab Service Interlaken is a platform which allows you to create bookable experiences that travelers around the world can buy online, from guided tours to airport transfer—and everything in between. Suppliers who sell products with us reach customers via , the, Arab Service Interlaken -App,, and numerous destinations websites.

Anyone can, from large tour operators to family-run farms or even a local expert offering a walking tour of their town or city. You just need to be aged 18 or over and comply with all applicable laws and regulations in which you operate.

You’ll get a business listing which is a dedicated page on that showcases your business and reviews. You’ll also get free access to Management Center where you can publish products on and, and manage your bookings and reviews. Any products you create will be shown on your and listing.

If you’re set up to get paid on a monthly basis, we’ll process your payment no later than the 15th of the month after a guest checks out.